What’s the matter?
#Acting #Direction #Theatre / Date 2019 / Location Shoonya, Bangalore / Devised and performed Anitha Santhanam / Visual Design Aarti Karwayun / Sound Design Vedant Bharadwaj

“Sifting through the ashes of our broken hopes, empty stereotypes, inflated ideals we let the dead world go and at the same time attend to the new energy flowing in from life’s source. This source is universally recognized as the feminine. To enter the source is also to enter the chthonic place of power, often a womb like cave. Its released energy is so immense and chaotic that human identity can be swallowed up, as it tended to be in the bacchantes sacred dance. The terror of the breaking down of boundaries, love instead of power” – Marion Woodman

What happens when the measure of matter becomes more important than matter itself?  When measuring your body becomes more important than your body itself? When patriarchal measures limit your living connection to your body, your being, to what matters to you?

Can trauma be the gateway to the numinous?  Can the feminine matrix be accessed directly via the dreaming body?

What’s the matter? – a ‘moving words’ performance exploring the feminine via dreams, archetypes, images and embodied writing. Personal experience meets physical theatre…

In this hour long, deeply quirky piece Anitha explores losing connection to the maternal matrix, complicated by the patriarchal drive towards ideal and perfection and finding her way back into the energies of the universal feminine via dreams, bodily experience and embodied writing.

About Guduguduppukari

The group was founded by Sunandha Raghunathan and Anitha Santhanam in 2015 to ‘create theatre out of a fully embodied exploration, including the personal and the political, intellect and emotion, rigour and play, form and content and actively facilitate a feminine exploration in the theatre space – both creation and conversation, without apology or obeisance to patriarchy. What’s the Matter is the groups third production after Mundhirikkotte and Bad Hindu.

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