#Theatre / Date 2016 / Location Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai / Direction Anitha Santhanam / Author Sunandha Raghunathan

‘Let’s bet that I’ll make friends before last period tomorrow.’

For 12 year old K.P and his mother Pavunu, Parangipettai in coastal Tamil Nadu is an unfamiliar place. As they settle in, they soon become aware of their invisibility, their precarious position and the dangers of ambition for people like them.

Mundhirikkotte asks whether one can make a right choice in a wrong world. As the lives of three different communities cross paths, each will have to make a choice that will change their lives forever.


Directed by Anitha Santhanam
Written by Sunandha Raghunathan
Actors: Vasanth Selvam, Kalieswari, Charles Vinoth, Muhammed Umar, Prasanna Rajkumar, Niran Benjamin Vikctor