From polarity to possibility – where Tantra meets Jung
#Facilitation #Teaching / Date September 14th, 2019, 10 am -1 pm / Location Shoonya Mari, Lalbagh Road, Bangalore / Facilitator Anitha Santhanam
From polarity to possibility – where Tantra meets Jung

An experiential study group for self-explorers.

In the past few years, I’ve been studying the writings of Lata Mani, especially the Tantra Chronicles, and researching the meeting points between this work and the structure of the psyche as proposed by my other favourite Carl Jung. To my astonishment there were many. I have found in these meeting points a rich possibility for growth and authenticity. In many ways the two came together in the process of making What’s The Matter?

Now I (with Lata’s permission) would like to host an experiential study group for those with some experience in working with their bodies through movement or theatre and an interest in self-exploration and growth. We will explore the idea of polarity or the opposites in the psyche and work towards creating facilitative triadic structures for the emerging self via embodied experiences.

Do share page if you know others with a similar experience, who may be interested too.