#Theatre / Date 2013 / Location Bangalore / Directed Anitha Santhanam / Choreographed Brinda Jacob Janvrin / Performed Brinda Jacob Janvrin, Nithi Mariam Jacob & Priyanka

Combining authentic movement, devised theatre and spoken word Disbelieve explores the voices and the violence of patriarchy and its effect, on the feminine.

Through personal and collective journeys the performers explore the deep and insidious nature of the violence inflicted on them and how it traps their bodies, their minds and their identities. Sometimes the voices of patriarchy are internalised by the women themselves and they play a role in perpetuating it.

Given this situation, Disbelieve explores the question how can women learn to hear their own voices amidst the noise and find inner autonomy and empowerment. Can the wound be healed from within? How can we stop the inner violence and fragmentation? Is there an inclusive path to self awareness?

Syrian American poet Mohja Kaif’s poem Disbeliever, is the inspiring starting point for this performative journey, as is the work of Jungian psychologist Marion Woodman.

Directed by Anitha Santhanam,
Choreographed by Brinda Jacob Janvrin,
Performed and devised by Brinda Jacob Janvrin, Priyanka Pai and Nidhi Mariam Jacob Cariappa. Music composed by Vedhanth Bharadwaj.
Costumes by Himanshu and Shonali,
Hidden Harmony. Lighting design by Mustafa.
Publicity design by Diorama Design Studio.