Dhuddu Kasu Dabbu Currency
#Theatre / Date 2011 / Location Bangalore / Directed Anitha Santhanam & Maitri Gopalakrishna / Performed by Drishya Kalika Kendra / Designed Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

Dhuddu Kasu Dabbu Currency  is a multilingual theatre production devised and performed by young and talented actors from the Drishya Kalika Kendra- a visionary learning centre for the urban poor, present.  The play is an adaptation of Badal Sircar’s Beyond the Land of Hattamala.
Combining music, movement and theatre and built around the central story of two robbers stuck in a money-less village, it is a humorous take on money and its role in contemporary society. The foyer performances examine the children’s connection to the main themes of Dhuddu Kasu Dabbu Currency. The play is directed by Maitri Gopalakrishna and Anitha Santhanam, and the production is designed by the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology.